Estate Liquidation
Liquidating assets generally 80-90% of the estate on the sale will be sold. Any remaining will be clean out by us .We will provide you information.

Flexibility on Estate Sale Duration
Varies of your estate and unique specific needs, sale duration can be flexible.

Estate Sale Staging and Display
We maximize sales, take pictures and video, setup, organize, condense, stage, appraise & display 


Estate Sale Professional Signage

We provide signage directional with information and precautions.


Estate Sale Ads and Promotion

We provide photos and video for a virtual experience. Advertisement and promotion to all online platforms available includes and Google search.

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david Johnson
4 months ago

Do not use them. Period. Stole everything from tools to jewelry. Still have not been paid.

5 months ago

To all victims From Corey & cohort!!

Follow the instructions and report to Estate

I've Not Been Paid. What Happens Now?
If you hired a company to conduct a liquidation sale for you and you have not been paid, please read through this page. It will answer questions on how we (EstateSales.NET) deal with people and companies in this situation.

Report the Situation
If you are in this situation, please send an e-mail to support@EstateSales.NET explaining your situation and include the following information:

The date(s) of your sale
The address of your sale
The company name and the contact person for the company
The date you were supposed to be paid (from the contract or verbally stated by the company)
Whether or not you have a contract
The amount you were supposed to be paid
You can certainly call us as well (888-653-8468), but we will definitely need an e-mail with the above information to get started. We may follow up with additional questions before contacting the company, but the above information is usually what we need to get started.

What We Do...
We do not want companies on our site that do not pay their clients. We will remove companies that do this. We do have to follow certain procedures when in this situation though. We reserve the right to alter the timelines detailed below, but these are the general guidelines that we follow.

A company will have 60 days after the sale to make things right with their client before we issue a "Notice of Pending Removal from EstateSales.NET." That does not mean we won't be involved prior to that 60 days. We will do our best to get communication going between the company and the client.
Once we determine that a company has not paid a client and the sale is 60 or more days in the past, they will have 10 days to correct the situation. If they do not resolve the situation within 10 days, they will be removed from the site along with ALL sales currently scheduled. A company can resolve the situation by sending us a cancelled check or some other proof of payment.
The one exception to the 60 day "rule" is a judgement. If a client has received a judgement against a company, we will issue a "Notice of Pending Removal from EstateSales.NET" and the company will have 10 days from that notice to either pay their client or come to an agreement with the client (payment plan, etc).
Our Goal
It is not in our best interest to have companies on our site that don't pay their clients. There are thousands of sales listed on our site each month. This is definitely not a common occurrence, but it is one that has to be addressed from time-to-time. Our goal is to make sure the companies listed on our site are doing their job and paying their clients.

If you feel that we can do a better job in some way, PLEASE let us know. Our community of companies, shoppers, and clients are top-notch. Please help us keep it that way!

Deanna Dunn
5 months ago

Also a victim of theft and fraud. No clean out. No money. Keeps telling stories and that he will be there. Contacting the website he advertises on, the police, a lawyer and spreading the word! I suggest if you have a similar situation with Corey H. Please do the same!

5 months ago

Corey sold many of our items and never paid us, never showed up for cleanout day, DO NOT pay Corey upfront. Very difficult and disappointing person to deal with obviously preying on the situation. Corey be honest and upfront your clients, tell them from the beginning the true values.

5 months ago

He stole my money as well. Do NOT use Corey or anyone he is associated with.

Victim #2
6 months ago

Thieves, they sold many of our items and never paid us a dime. They ignore our calls. Horrible people to do this to our family at this huge time of loss in our family.

7 months ago

Thieves, do not deal with them !! They truly don not care !!

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