TruCare Estate Sales LLC brings together all the moving parts of an estate sale. We are qualified professionals whose expertise in the industry enables us to efficiently manage all of an estate sale’s tasks. 



Typically, we organize and conduct our sales in a similar fashion. Our sales events usually follow the same general format:

Held inside the home and across the property

Take place over two to three days

Involve the sale of someone’s (typically a family member’s) personal possessions

Include many individually priced and displayed items

Open to the public

Involve quick disposal of unsold items.



Estate sales are much harder to host than garage sales. Clients contact us for varied reasons, but the biggest reason is because of our expertise. We have the industry knowledge to manage any complex sale.

We have the connections to appraise a diverse collection of items, and display them throughout the house to intrigue shoppers’ interest and stimulate them to make a purchase.

In line with our good customer service, we line up additional sales associates, and may recruit security guards if the sale contains especially valuable items. We advertise your sale in varied media, and often reach a multitude of shoppers from our professional networks. This enables us to sell a large volume of items very quickly.

During the estate sale, we addresses all issues that may arise. After the sale concludes, we ensure all paid-for items are picked up by  the purchasers. Finally, we ensure that all unsold items are removed from the home.



As a professional estate sale company we  provides numerous estate liquidation services.

These services include pre-sale, sale-day, and post-sale tasks.

Pre-Sale Tasks

Before the liquidation sale, we carefully sort through your loved one’s furnishings and household items. We use our expertise to appraise and price each estate sale item. When assigning prices to estate sale treasures, we often performs professional searches and views online auction “sold” listings to enable us to efficiently get the best prices for all items.

As part of our services, Trucare Estate sales LLC advertises the sale to promote a good turnout.We usually promote the sale on our various social media channels, and send email notifications to our resale subscribers. As well as set up prominent street signs to attract adventurous shoppers.

In addition to advertisements, as professionals in the industry we list upcoming sales on our website. EstateSales.org and EstateSales.net which are two of the most-visited estate sale websites. 

Before the estate liquidation begins, we give each sale item a price tag.We also attractively displays the home’s entire contents before opening the doors to potential buyers.


Sale-Day Tasks

On the day of the sale, we monitor all aspects of the event. Besides managing traffic throughout the premises, we provide onsite staff that includes sales associates and perhaps security personnel. 

The estate sale company’s team answers shoppers’ questions about sale items. When customers are ready to pay for their treasures, staff members handle payment. This includes using a cash box, and processing their credit cards at checkout 


Post-Sale Tasks

Not all items are sold during an estate sale. As part of our job, we dispose of  the remaining items. We donate part of it to charity, take them to upcoming estate sales, everything must go. Next, we often perform a house cleanout. The cleanout is typically not included in the estate sale fees, but an add-on service.

To conclude the sale, we provide the homeowner with a “sold Items” list and sale proceeds minus the professional service fees.